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I Can Feel the Ice Melting

This one goes out to Eral in Connecticut!


The Parliaments – (I Wanna) Testify/I Can Feel the Ice Melting

Before Parliament, there was The Parliaments. George Clinton is one of the most genius musicians of all time and this is where the man got his start. A beautiful little 45 to keep you warm whether it’s a cool 60 degrees and sunny or you’re shoveling snow for the first time in your life.

(I Wanna) Testify comes at you hard and fast, a little bit of Chuck Berry guitar kicks it off, but a strong horn section and some deep Hammond B3 stabs keep it in a James Brown proto-funk groove. The chorus to this song is gold, George Clinton’s voice is unbeatable.

Speaking of unbeatable voice, Clinton flips into an odd sweet soul ballad for the b-side. This tracks plays up the Motown sound a little more, with that summery vibraphone opening hitting it like a Four Tops jam. This song is my jam, and as you can tell by the wear on the rip, whoever owned this before me really enjoyed it.

Link in the comments!

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