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2009 CDR

I’m a few days late on posting this one, but for something like this, late is better than never.

On Sunday, LA’s own Teebs posted on his blog a CDR from 2009 featuring a short mix from Mary Anne Hobbs‘ show on BBC Radio 1 as well as some demos from his debut full length, Ardour. Ardour dropped last October on Flying LotusBrainfeeder record label, which was a successful ending to a very busy year for Teebs. In 2010 alone he released a split 10″ record with Daedelus,  an appearance on a compilation of LA beatmakers, a collaborative record with UK’s Jackhigh, a 7″ single on Brainfeeder, as well as the aforementioned Ardour. In sum, this hyper-productive young kid has been putting out some of the freshest and most blissful music I have ever heard.

Ardour winds in and out of melody, rhythm, ambient noise, and head-rattling bass in a way that is not just fluid and graceful, but is also organic and completely human. The sound of the music is light, pretty, and refreshing – noise that is both perfect while driving home late Saturday night or while in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. Teebs masterfully uses found sounds ranging from microwaves slamming shut to forks dropping on the ground as part of his sonic arsenal that both challenges and mystifies.  And I want to repeat this last part, Teebs both challenges and mystifies his listener, but in a way that is so engaging and accessible that one hardly realizes the complexity of the production. These tracks move and vamp in a way that evoke a human quality that not many electronic artists are able to achieve.

This is music on a spiritual level, beats that transcend similar work by artists of the likes of Baths or Fourtet, beats that reach into that vague strata of sonic communication that opens up your soul. If Flying Lotus is to hip hop what Coltrane was to jazz, then Teebs is our Pharoah Sanders – a direct descendant of one of the most important figures in contemporary music who is able to create his own niche with his searching, beautiful and warm tone.

While Ardour is an incredible album, and by far one of the best from 2010, it will not be the pinnacle of Teebs’ career. This kid his going to change the face of music.

For more info on Teebs and especially Ardour, check out this great interview on NPR. For those in the area, Teebs will be performing at the Eagle Rock’s Center for the Arts with new Brainfeeder signing Austin Peralta on February 11th.

Heres the 2009 CDR I promised. side note about the release. This actually was never meant to be released. A few tunes from my record Ardour and others unfinished…etc. Exctided as ever though that so many people got their hands on it. Heres the official track listing too.


::Track List::

1. M.A.H. BBC Radio 1 Mix. (15 mins)

2. Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent

3. Untitled 4

4. Humming Birds (unmastered)

5. Wind Loop

6. Youve Changed (unfinished cut)

7. Hi Hat. (unreleased populous remix)

8. Personal Winter

9. Blessed Assurance

10. Monterey Park Bells

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