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á Paris

Franco et l’OK Jazz – á Paris (1960s, EMI)

This is a favorite of mine, really love this record. But before I go into the record and the man behind the music I gotta say I stole this one from one of the best blogs on the internet, Global Groove. Go support him, and if by any chance anyone out there has the vinyl and wants to get of it let me know!

Franco is the name in Congolese music, and really one of the more important figures in African music in general. He was a guitar player who joined the OK Jazz as leader in 1958 and played until he died of AIDS in 1989. In the 60’s he spoke out against the dictatorship, but the 80’s saw him getting fat from hand of the government. Priorities can change, I guess.

Okay, so this is mid-to-late 60’s Franco playing different Cuban rhythms, there’s some cha-cha, rumba and charanga. Although the styles are something I’m familiar with and don’t often get very excited over, Franco shines bright and reaffirms the rich beauty of the gift of sound. The sweet palm-wine guitar, the creamy soothe-saying vocals, and the light touches of horns and flute are just unbelievable.

Franco released over 80 records in his time, and I have only heard a handful, but it’s hard to imagine that there is music more beautiful than this. The name Franco will forever now invoke a sense of calm, of happiness and golden harmonies. Make sure not skip this one, jump ahead to “Matinda” and you’ll be playing it nonstop.

Get it here

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