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People & Love

Johnny Lytle – People & Love (Milestone, 1972)

Johnny Lytle was a straight up baaaad vibes player, this guy was able to really groove and get a lot of energy from an instrument that usually often sounds stuck in the land of bad 60’s feel-good soundtracks. He was a player who often eluded fame, but not because of his lack of talent and this record really showcases his full abilities as both musician and songwriter. The record is from 1972 and electric instruments were beginning to show up in jazz bands – fusion was still in its baby steps, but this is is less a fusion record than a funky jazz record that makes wide use of its acoustic instruments with the added power of the keyboard and electric bass.

If you checked out my first mix Live at the Velvet Lounge you are already familiar with the funk that Lytle brings on the track “Tawhid,” but the record also conveys a more mellow sentiment on his own “Family” as well as a cover of the Stylistics song “People Make the World Go ‘Round.” The group he has is awesome, no big names, but each player is on point and the overall recording is very warm. Listen to Lytle’s playing on the track “Libra” the dexterity and speed of the man is spell-binding, and he does a type of hard-slide along the bars with the mallet that sounds like a magical UFO landing or something – really the way he controls the way the sound resonates is awesome. Also, listen to the drumming on “People Make the World Go Round,” Jozell Carter plays a tight kit, but with the energy of a rock drummer.

Overall this is an awesome record, definitely something you want to listen to when you are staying in for the evening and need something to keep the mood groovy. I definitely give this one a lot of play. And check out the writing all over my record cover, this Ed Randall fellow was making sure no one was stealing his jazz records. Love the “Power! to Blacks” tag next to the great shot of Johnny Lytle on the back cover.

Johnny Lytle: Vibraphone
Marvin Cabell: Flute, Alto flute, Tenor sax
Daahoud Hadi (aka Butch Cornell): Electric piano and organ
Bob Cranshaw: Electric bass
Jozell Carter: Drums
Arthur Jenkins: Conga drums and percussion
Betty Glamann: Harp

1. Where is the Love?
2. Libra
3. Family
4. Tawhid
5. People Make the World Go ‘Round

320-rip in the comments. Album photos by Eydie McConnell

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