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Verbal Headlock

Clutchy Hopkins has returned with his fourth release for Ubiquity Records and his second “solo” album, The Storyteller. For those not familiar with Clutchy, the man is a mysterious cooperative of talent (I’ve heard rumors about DJ Shadow being in the mix?) putting together some of the freshest, grooviest, mellow music around. The team incorporates elements of instrumental hip hop, dub, jazz, funk, fusion, and psychedelic rock with the end product fitting into none of these pigeonholes.

As usual, the production is something to really enjoy as the instruments (usually acoustic instruments with exotic percussion and slight touches of electronics) sound clean and the drums sound crisp, the bass deep and the jam hypnotic. Upon first listen you may not be impressed, but take a second time to look at ol’ Clutchy and listen to the way these masterminds incorporate elements from music around the world and throughout time. Accordions layered over funky basslines, andean flutes dance with electric guitars, and my favorite, humming becomes a valid instrument when paired with congas, cajon and a funky backbeat.

The single “Verbal Headlock” is the most “hip hop” sounding track on the album with the deep bass and the claps, but I can see a smoked out MC mumbling shit on top of any of the tracks. Great single, amazing album, in fact I think it is my favorite Clutchy record so far. Definitely will make it to my top ten albums of the year. Not uploading this one, go out and support the people who are making music right now.


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  1. April 27, 2010 at 2:51 am

    Thanks for showing love for Clutchy! Just a quick note, though: you listed http://www.clutchyhopkins.com, but that is NOT the official Clutchy website, just a fan page. The REAL official website is http://www.clutchyhopkinsmusic.com. Clutchy says he'd appreciate if you could edit your post with the proper link. Thanks and keep diggin the music!

  2. April 30, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    done and done

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